Many folks wonder what equipment to buy for their trailer. With all the choices available on the market it can be hard to decide on the right lock or solar equipment. My theory is to buy good quality once rather than cheap or inferior products over and over. In conversations with other users on forums and social media I have put together this list of recommended items. 

Recommended products from multiple users or sources that found these products to be superior. 

Most recommend/The clear winners online


Proven Industries

Back Up Camera

Halo view camera – I wish I could find the post about this camera. The guy was very happy about it. 

What are the best power sources for my RV

The best power sources for a recreational vehicle (RV) will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the RV owner. Some popular options include:

Generator: A generator is a portable power source that can be used to run appliances and charge batteries. They are available in a variety of sizes and fuel types, including gasoline, propane, and diesel.

Solar panels: Solar panels can be used to generate electricity from the sun. They can be used to charge batteries, run appliances, and even power an RV’s air conditioning. See Solar Page for more information

Shore power: If the RV is parked at a campground with electrical hookups, it can use the campground’s power supply to run appliances and charge batteries.

Battery: A battery can be used to store electricity generated by solar panels or a generator. This can be used to run appliances and charge other devices when the RV is not connected to shore power or a generator.

Ultimately, the best power source for an RV will depend on the RV owner’s budget, the type of RV, and how it will be used. A combination of power sources may be the most practical solution for an RV.


Drawer Roller Guides

JR Products 70785 Roller Drawer Guide

RV Designer H310, Delta Drawer Repair Kit, Cabinet Hardware


Hitch Lock

Proven Industries Model 2178 Trailer Lock, Fits 2-Inch Trailer Couplers, Secures Safety Chains, Made in The USA, (Red)

RVLock Compact and Key Fob Keyless Entry Keypad

Halo view camera

Tevlaphee Wheel Lock – Car Boot Tire Locks Anti-Theft Trailers Wheel Clamp Lock Parking Boot for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Campers, Boat – with Adjustable Claw and Lug Nuts Cover

Tevlaphee Universal Wheel Lock Heavy Duty Security Trailer Wheel Lock Tires Anti Theft for Car SUV Boat Motorcycle Golf Cart Great Deterrent Bright Color with 3 Keys (Red-Yellow)

Stromberg Carlson CC-255 Trailer Tray 


ALPS Mountaineering Sidekick – Silver


RV Water Heater Anode Rod 2 Pack -Magnesium- Superior Tank Protection for Your Investment!- 9.25?? Long ¾?? Threads Suburban Mor-Flo 6 Gallon

Camco TastePURE RV/Marine Water Filter

Watts 959098 Aqualock 3539-10 (P-650) Straight Valve, 1/2″


Valterra T1020-1CLR Waste Valve Cap – 3″ with Capped 3/4″ GHT, Clear, Bulk

Dont get caught using a coat hanger and your ungloved arm to dislodge a blockage in your tail pipe, err, I mean black pipe… Have one of these in your tool kit!

There are many options for these. I like the Cobra Products Skinny Snake Drain Cleaner as it contains the coil inside the casing and it is small and easy to transport. I highly recommend. (Two pack)

Alternately find one of these Liquid-Plumr 670112 Sink Drain Snake. What you want is one that is small and compact and can easily go in a bag after use…



Soft Start

There is a big difference between a conventional “Soft-Start” capacitor and the Micro-Air Easy Start. SoftStartRV – The RV AC Soft Start For Any Air Conditioner – Guaranteed

 Micro-Air Easy Start 364 Soft Starter For RV and Marine By Micro-Air, Inc.

WAGO 221-412/VE00-2500 221 Series 2 Conductor AWG 24 – 12 Transparent Body Connector w/Levers – 50 Item(s)

Progressive Dynamics PD4655V Inteli-Power 4600 Series Converter/Charger with Charge Wizard – 55 Amp

Conntek ASTT-30P RV Male Replacement Plug, 30-Amp

12V USB Outlet, Ollcuz 12V/24V 36W Aluminum Waterproof Dual QC3.0 USB Fast Charger Socket Power Outlet Adapter w/LED Digital Voltmeter for Car, Marine, Boat, Motorcycle, Truck, Golf Cart, etc

Casita to Generator cord adapter

AC WORKS Generator to 30Amp RV Adapter (L14-20 20A 4-Prong Locking Compact)

Progressive Dynamics PD4655V

The Renogy 120W Portable Solar Panel E.Flex 120 is only $299 on Amazon, that doesnt seem bad.

If you want a great emergency charger, I highly recommend this one. It saved a three week trip for us. The converter went out and we had not power… I bought one of these at Canadian Tire in Vancouver BC and we were able to keep on going. Once I got home I replaced the converter and we were back up and running. I keep this in the Casita as a spare if we ever need it again. I use an Amazon service that alerts me when prices drop… this is now $84.70 (Down -32%)

NOCO GENIUS10, 10A Smart Car Battery Charger,


GASPRO 15-Inch Braided RV Propane Pigtail Hose, Durable Camper Gas Line Replacement for Propane Tank, 1/4-Inch Male NPT x QCC-1, 2-Pack

Marshall Excelsior MER611-36P Thermoplastic Hose, 3/8″ Hose ID – 36″


No one wants to put oil in their waterlines. Protect your lines with a filter that will catch most droplets.  I recommend this IR brand. May need a different size depending on your compressor hose outlet but this is the normal standard size. I also recommend the air hose below. 

Ingersoll Rand ARO F35121-400-VS Air Line Filter, 1/4″ NPT – 150 psi Max Inlet, Black

Milton 1670 50 Foot 1/4″ MNPT ReKoil Hose

Dual Purpose RV Winterizing Kit with Air Adjusting Valve, 17Inch Hose Blow Out Fitting Adaptor 3/4″ Male&Female GHT Quick Connect Blowout Plug for Winterizing RV, Camper, Travel Trailer, Garden Hose


Need an airgauge that goes up to 65 PSI for your trailer tires. Get one of these that reads to 75PSI. 

Rhino USA Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge (0-75 PSI) – Certified ANSI B40.1 Accurate, Large 2″ Easy Read Glow Dial, Premium Braided Hose, Solid Brass Hardware,


100 Watts 100W Solar Panel 12V – 18V Poly Off Grid Battery Charger for RV

CURT 58150 Vehicle-Side 7-Pin RV Blade Trailer Wiring Harness Connector

Renogy One Pair of 9LN 12 AWG Adapter kit Solar Cable Wire PV with Female & Male Connector

Renogy 10 Amp 12V/24V PWM Negative Ground Solar Charger Controller Compact Design Wanderer 10A

Model RS232

There is a bundle you can get for the Charge Controller and the Pair of 9LN 12 AWG Female & Male Connector

Renogy 10 Amp 12V/24V PWM Negative Ground Solar Charge Controller Compact Design w/LCD & One Pair of 9In 12AWG Adaptor Kit Solar Cable Wire PV with Female & Male Connectors


Kismile Small Electric Space Heater Ceramic Space Heater,Portable Heater Fan for Office with Adjustable Thermostat and Overheat Protection ETL Listed for Kitchen, 750W/1500W,10 Inch

Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater – Black


Goop Glue or E6000  – A great, strong adhesive where you need a bit of flexibility. I use this in place of Super Glue most of the time. It is not brittle like superglue and generally will outlast most other glues. Available at your local hardware store, big box home home improvement stores, Target, and of course online at 

RV Store – Replacement Hardware for your RV

Has anyone installed any of these RV Designer H309, Drawer Locks? I am interested but wonder how to install them. Our middle drawer always slides open and I have switched drawers, done the match stick trick, etc. The only thing that does work is a piece of wire that I bend around the bottom of the drawer and is secured to the stove bar/towel rack. Not very elegant…

I found them on this great RV Replacement Hardware Site at

Hardware page

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